Paint-By-Numbers Sales Success


Make your sales as EASY as a paint-by-numbers picture

Remember the frustration when you were a kid, when you couldn’t accurately draw what you saw in your head? Some kids could draw a duck that looked like a duck. I didn’t have that skill. And then I discovered paint by numbers.

Paint-by-number projects gave me an outline and color guide. Finally I was able to produce something not only recognizable, but beautiful too.

Why does paint-by-numbers work so well? The colors are already chosen and coordinated. The outlines are set and clear. As long as you follow the color key and stay in the lines, you get a fantastic (if not original) result.

This is a great analogy for the in-home sales process!

When you walk into a sales appointment with no guidelines, you’ll likely find the meeting frustrating, inconsistent, unpredictable, maybe even a bit messy. Having a system — like having that outline and color key — makes ALL the difference.

You walk in knowing what you need to address, in a specific order, to produce the result that you want: a sale! Then every time you follow these steps in the right order, you can count on a consistent and predictable result.

Here’s the great news: It doesn’t take exceptional skill to sell, it just takes a system.

Top sales performers know that having and sticking to a proven, step-by-step sales process is a huge part of their success. They know that the system — not the salesperson — is making that sale. With a system, you can walk into a room with an adversarial prospect, and still work every single element and close the deal. That’s the beauty of the systematic approach – it provides a structure that allows the sales professional to relax into the process, to connect more personally with the homeowner, to focus on finesse, and get a flow going that creates momentum towards a yes.

Who wouldn’t want… finesse instead of stress?!

Of course I’ve met people who resist the system. They think that ‘reading the meeting’ gets better results than being hemmed in by structured steps. What actually ends up happening is that key information gets missed, and the customer doesn’t get the support they need to make a confident, immediate, gratifying decision.

It’s our job as sales people to make the sale process as easy and clear as possible. 

Your prospects know when you’re winging it. It makes them less confident and unprepared to commit. Top performers learn and stick to a proven sales methodology. They know the exact steps to lead a consumer from evaluation to payment — and they follow it every time. That’s why their close rates are so good, their success is sustainable, and their stress levels so low (well, relatively speaking!!).

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Practice what you learn and let us know: are your close rates better now that sales calls are more ‘paint-by-numbers’ than ‘waiting for the muse to strike’?

To your success now and always,

— Madeleine

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