Hiring Ads Templates and Resources


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Just as the advertisements you use in your marketing are designed to attract your ideal customer, so too should your job ads be designed to attract your ideal Candidate Avatar. Use the templates and resources here to help you find inspiration or simply to cut and paste for your own hiring ads.

⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Crew Member – INEXPERIENCED
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Crew Member – EXPERIENCED
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Installer V1
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Installer V2
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Project Coordinator – Commercial V1 → Ad for warm audience
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Office Manager V1
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Sales Consultant V1
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Sales Consultant V2
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Sales Consultant V3
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Sales Consultant V4
⬇️  Hiring Ad _ Sales Consultant V5

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