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Erin iEnnis

Owner, Energy Exteriors NW

Gain Decades of experience, plus private coaching from renowned business coach, madeleine macrae

What if you could avoid the mistakes that others like you, in your same business, have made – over and over, for decades? Here is your chance to avoid those expensive lessons and make the right choices from the beginning. How much should you spend on marketing? Answered. How and when do you hire, and how to you reduce turnover? Answered.

Even if you’ve been in this business for 50 years, you’ll find new tools that will help you save money, train your sales staff, and find dozens of shortcuts such as proven job ads.

We have been using the HomePro Toolbox for a few months now and there is so much helpful information!   From marketing to employee management to sales we have learned and make use of literally dozens and dozens of tools that are making a huge impact in our Solar business.  Thank you Madeleine!

Randy Fox

President, Fox Valley Electric & Solar

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Monthly Pricing
Save With Annual Pricing

Now only $99 / month (Was $199!)

Now only $990 / year (Was $1987!)