3 Things to Increase Sales and Help You Grow Comfortably


Growth is good and you should celebrate when your sales numbers are climbing. AND you should expect a few growing pains along the way.

Owning a business takes heart, hustle and true grit – it’s NOT the easiest route, but it comes with some awesome rewards.

We want you to ENJOY growing your business – so you can celebrate your wins, instead of STRUGGLE through the growing pains that are keeping you up at night. So we’ve pulled together 3 quick, powerful tips to help you grow sustainably.

Doing these 3 things will increase your sales while you handle the growth comfortably and take pleasure and pride in your success.

1 – Establish and then use a clear process for every sales call

Using a proven sales system gives you the ability to get consistent results. You’re not resorting to trial-and-error or a wide range of personal selling ‘techniques’. When you systemize your sales, it helps you discover and repeat what works best, it allows you to train, evaluate & develop others so they’re able to replicate your success, and it enables you to predict and achieve consistent results.

If business growth means hiring more salespeople – having a process makes training a breeze. If business growth means you are selling more – having a process makes preparing for, leading and closing every sales call less work and more fun.

2 – Build repeat business into your process

This stat blew me away: 65% of sales made by established home pro businesses comes through repeat clients and their referrals! This is huge!

How much time and effort are you putting into marketing to get 2 new leads? Are you putting 4 times that effort into ensuring you get repeat business? When you build customer follow-up right into that sales process I mentioned above… when you come back home within 18 or 24 months… you’re adding business that no competitor can touch. Because you are already established as the provider that they know, like & trust. This is a business growth model that doesn’t depend on an aggressive marketing budget!

3 – Connect with a peer group

Running a business is essentially a lonely pursuit – regardless of how big your team is. Your business grows because you’re great at what you do, but there’s a point in every business when all the knowledge and talent that got you to this point cannot get you to the next stage. You simply can’t know what you don’t know. And you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame. A coach gives you an outside and honest perspective on your own business.

When we have a group of like-minded, supportive and understanding peers to encourage (and yes, push) us, we get the opportunity to see things from a much wider range of perspectives.

We benefit from people who have already gone through what we’re going through now. And we are far more accountable to implement the proven actions that will skyrocket our business success when we share them!

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