Working ON not just IN your business

Working On Your Business

When you think about your day as you wake up each morning, do you feel inspired, motivated, excited to get to work?  Do you envision your team happy and productive cranking out projects as flawlessly as you used to do back when you were solo?  Hear what you clients will say when they are thanking you for the awesome work you’ve done?

You don’t?

You mean to say that you feel frustrated and exhausted?  Like a one-armed paper hanger just trying to hold it together long enough for your busy season to end — or maybe to start?  You’re wondering if you’re going to get done in time to grab that drink with the friend you promised to meet after work or if you’ll actually make it to see your kids or grandkids baseball game this time?

Maybe you’re dreaming of having just one day when you can finally get to all of the important things that you’ve been meaning to do that keep getting put off.

If that’s how you’re feeling, you are not alone!!!

You are in the midst of the entrepreneurial journey.

Walk with me for a minute back to the beginning.

Think back to that moment when first you decided to start your business. 

Remember how it felt.  How excited and nervous you were.  Remember what you were telling your friends and family members.  See the looks on their faces. 

Can you envision the place you were when you made the decision to leap?

How good did that feel?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get back to that place again?  That place of possibility and potential?

Imagine what could be possible for you — for your life AND for your business — if you ran your business rather than letting it run you. 

If that feels out of reach, it’s probably because you need some support to get there and that’s exactly what we love to do — help business owners grow their businesses and get their life back in the meantime.