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Homepro Toolbox for Home Improvement Professionals

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The Homepro Toolbox gives Window Treatment Business Owners and their teams
the information they need to know to grow their business with less stress and doubt!
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50+ Ways to Get Better Leads

Stop wasting your time and get better leads that are easier to close!

Command Higher Prices

Stop wasting your time and get better leads that are easier to close!

25 Top Sales Performers Hacks

Learn how the best in the business close more deals and grow fast!

Mastering Voicemail

Take your voicemail skills to the next level and get more callbacks.

Email Opening Hack

How to stack the deck in your favor and get more from email!

Ringless Voicemail Swipe Copy

Proven script that works, specialized for your business!

…and much, much more!


Join some of the industry’s most successful pros who use Homepro Toolbox to make running their businesses a whole lot less stressful!


President/Founder, Blinds Couture
I love that the Toolbox has resources that assist me in the on-boarding process and also has trainings for my sales team. I love the app.  I love having it mobile.


CEO | M4 Specialty / PGTX
Madeleine’s unique toolbox of tips/tricks covers all aspects of the business, HR, Forecasting, Management, Sales. It is a one stop shop for all things business.

Erin Ennis

Energy Exteriors NW
Homepro Toolbox has helped each salesperson be successful proposal after proposal!

Homepro Toolbox offers valuable information, templates and trainings and takes away some of the stress of running an independent business.

Fast, Easy Registration

Easy-to-Use, Quick to Find: Videos (avg 7 min) + Implementation Support (Templates, Checklists, Worksheets)

What’s in the Toolbox?

Here are some of the general topics we cover:

Work On Your Business, Not In It

Learn exactly what top-performing business owners do to leap from owner-operator to owner-manager, to CEO.

Leadership & Management

Leadership and management are skills that are essential when building a business. Become an effective and impactful manager and leader with this module.

Time Management

Having good time management skills is extremely important, not only for your business but also for everyday life.

Template Library

The tools and templates, resources and samples in this room to give you a huge head start as you add process to what is already going well in your business.


Learn how to navigate the onboarding process in order to become a more successful team leader.


40% of business owners say they’re bad at this. Don’t let that be your story. Learn our process.  Use our templates.
Hire like a pro!

Sales Fundamentals

Sales is an art and a science and it’s critical to understand both sides in order to unlock your sales potential.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you are going to find the best tips, tricks, ideas and insights to help you up your sales game.


Goals and Planning

Goal setting and planning is the key to creating consistent progress in the direction you want to grow. In this power-packed room you will discover the fundamentals of SMART goal setting, what to avoid along the way, an easy forecasting tool and much more!


There is no silver bullet in marketing, but there are game-changing fundamentals that transform your understanding of marketing and amplify your execution and results.  These tools help you create marketing success more successfully than you ever have before.