Homepro business money pits:

4 Surprising Places You May be Dumping Dollars with no ROI

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Your calendar’s full and your client roster is growing. Why isn’t your balance sheet reflecting this growth?

If you feel like you’re working twice as hard for half the profits, it could be you’re dumping money in ways that won’t pay.

Discover 4 surprising initiatives eating into the profits of today’s Home Improvement Businesses. Once you know what they are, you can close over those money pits for good.

In this guide you’ll find out

  • Where to find high-paying clients
  • The one avatar you’ve forgotten to build
  • What to do with too many ideas and not enough time
  • When new technology doesn’t pay
  • Where to invest that will really pay off in sustainable growth and greater profits

About the Author, Madeleine MacRae

Since 2007, she’s walked side-by-side with over 25,000 businesses to position them for long-term stability, growth, and happiness. In this free guide, Homepro industry coach Madeleine MacRae pulls from 20 years of experience to provide her Top 5 stress-management and growth strategies for small business owners in the home improvement industry.

Madeleine MacRae

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Randy Fox

President, Fox Valley Electric and Solar

We have been using the HomePro Toolbox for a few months now and there is so much helpful information!    From marketing to employee management to sales we have learned and make use of literally dozens and dozens of tools that are making a huge impact in our Solar business.  Thank you Madeleine!

Darla Rowell Zorn

Express Blinds, Shutters, Shades & Drapes

This morning I am so thankful for the tools and wisdom you’ve imparted into my life.   Had a tough decision to make regarding my new hire (designer).   My decision was based on solely our business needs.  Something that I wouldn’t have done without your coaching.  So today, I wanted you to know you’ve made me a better leader and I am grateful for you. 

Erin Ennis

Owner, Energy Exteriors NW

Homepro Toolbox has helped each salesperson be successful proposal after proposal!

Homepro Toolbox offers valuable information, templates and trainings and takes away some of the stress of running an independent business.